Autumn 2

Super chefs!

Planning our teaparty! We tasted scones, wrote lists and planned what we would need to have the perfect celebration to the end of our amazing project.

In computing we have been learning all about algorithms! We gave our partners very clear instructions to draw an alien! 

What did the world look like in black and white? 
As historians we explored black and white photos from the past and talked about why there was no colour! Some of us thought that colour didn’t exist in the past.  
We learnt how to take photos and edit them into black and white! I think we have some fabulous photographers in Playhouse Class!


Anti Bullying Week

Odd socks day introduces anti bullying week! This week we will be understanding what bullying is and how at LIPA we stand against it! 

Grateful Gardens

What would be in your grateful garden? Look at our lovely work celebrating all the things we are grateful for.

Remembrance Day

Well done Playhouse for learning about Remembrance Day and creating your very own poppies. 

Number bonds to 10!

This week in maths, we have revisited our number bonds to 10. There are so many ways we can find them! What number bonds can you remember? 
Can you write the number sentence?


Are you the next great toy maker?

This week we looked at the history of old toys and their toymakers. We explored designing our very own toy, visiting a mini toy museum (thank you Mrs Heaney) and playing with toys!

Can you continue exploring toys at home? Do your grown ups have any old toys that you could look at?