Autumn 2 Reception Class Page

Welcome to the Bella and Bertie Class Page!

Welcome to our Autumn 2 class page, where you can see all the wonderful things we get up to every week!


"Play is the highest form of Research" - Albert Einstein 

Autumn 2 Week 1 – Children settled right back into school after a lovely week off, we enjoyed sharing what we got up to over half term. We explored Bonfire night this week and created our very own fireworks with chalk. Children enjoyed playing outside on our balcony, they were busy building a house as you can see! We have loved watching the children grow in confidence and this week they blew us away with their wonderful writing, they have practicing to write and read CVC words. Well done Reception, we can’t wait to have another fantastic week with you!

Autumn 2 Week 2 – This week children have been learning all about Diwali. We have exploring how people celebrate Diwali and how they will be celebrating it a little bit differently this year. We explored the wonderful story of Sama and Rita. We even made our very own Diwali cards, Rangoli and mehndi design! To mark Remembrance Day children listening to the bells of the cathedral ring for 2 minutes and sat in silence, we were so proud of them!

Autumn 2 Week 3 – This week is Anti-Bullying week and to start it off the Bella and Bertie Classes worse odd socks to school. We enjoyed taking part in a wake up shake up and explored what makes us special and unique from one another. Can you spot your odd socks in the picture?

We are learning all about the country Italy this week, children have loved exploring Italy in PBL. We have even got our very own Italian Restaurant in our classroom this week, it’s called Fritto. Have you ever heard of Fritto before? You might have seen it around Liverpool before as it’s an award-winning Italian Street Food and we are so lucky to have it in our classroom. Luca who owns Fritto Street Market has been very kind and shared with us how to make our very own pizza and pasta. Luca's son Oliver kindly taught us all how to make pizza just like his Daddy! Reception children enjoyed eating the pizza they made in Golden time.