Autumn 1 Reception Class Page

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"Play is the highest form of Research" - Albert Einstein 


Autumn 1 Week 1 and Week 2 – Reception children have enjoyed settling into school life and we are so proud of how well they have transitioned. We have enjoyed exploring our LIPA Values and making class promises. Children also discussed similarities and differences we all have that make us unique, we created our very own self-portraits to show how unique and special we all are. 

Autumn 1 Week 3 – The Bella and Bertie Class have enjoyed exploring 2D Shapes, we did our very best to match 2D Shapes to their outline. We have loved becoming Captain Imaginative and preparing for Autumn, we had lovely discussions as we created our Autumn trees, we know what colour the leaves turn and why they fall off the trees in Autumn.

Autumn 1 Week 4 - This week we had so much fun playing and experimenting in our mud kitchen. We followed instructions in our recipe book, we made lots of lovely mud cakes!  We also have had lots of fun learning how to order numbers 0-10, we even began to represent some of the numbers too! 

Autumn 1 Week 5 – This week we have been learning all about the book ‘The Colour Monsterby Anna Llenas’. The Colour Monster is a feelings Monster who helps children understand different emotions that they feel. The Colour Monster made a visit to our classrooms on Thursday! He left a very important message for the children. In his message to us he definitely helped us understand our feelings! We explored the coloured jars and discussed what feeling/emotions the coloured jars represented.

Week 6 – This week we have been learning all about Katerina Thompson Johnson, we had our very own mini Olympics in PE just like Katerina! Children also made their own medals. To mark World Mental Health Day this year reception children enjoyed exploring the book ‘Its Okay to be different’ we discussed what makes us different and how its okay to be different.

Week 7 – This week we have been learning all about people who help us. We really enjoyed learning all about doctors, nurses, shopkeepers, farmers, the list goes on! We had two very special virtual visitors too. Miss Hatton’s wonderful Mum joined us on Teams, Miss Hatton’s Mum is a Nurse. The children were so excited to meet Nurse Hatton over teams, the children prepared questions and Nurse Hatton answered every single one of them! She really is a real-life superhero and we are very thankful for all the hard work that she does in her job!

We also met another real life superhero who is Miss Wheaton’s brother. His name is Alex, Alex is an animal expert who works at Knowsley Safari Park. The children were so excited to meet Alex, we prepared lots of questions for him too, he also answered them all! We loved learning all about different animals, how they are looked after and where they sleep!

Thank you to our wonderful Superhero’s – the children are so inspired to be just like you!


Week 8 – This week we enjoyed creating patterns in Maths, we counted how many colours were in our patterns and what a pattern is. We explored what one more than is and one less when we counted our patterns! Children loved helping Miss Hatton plant flowers in our garden, we love our balcony and have been working very hard on enhancing it this term. Attached is some photos to show you how lovely it is looking, we love learning in it. Children also enjoyed carrying out activities related to Halloween, we followed a recipe and made out very own Halloween rice crispy monsters, we enjoyed them on Friday afternoon in golden time. All the EYFS Team are so proud of how well the children settled into school, we have had a wonderful half term and can not wait to do it all again next half term. We hope you all have a wonderful break and we will see you all again very soon!