Home Learning in Action

Please send your home learning pictures to info@lipaprimary.org

wb 25.6.20- Amazing home learning everyone, I wonder who will win the Headteachers award...

Week beginning- 15.6.20- Thank you for continuing to share your home learning pictures with us.

Week 1,567, are you all wondering where the time is going? We are but we are still missing you all lots and your pictures really cheer us up!

Week 8- Please continue to send your home learning to us and we will add them to our gallery!

Week 7- Thank you for sending in your home learning pictures. We love seeing all your hard work!

Week 6- thank you for keeping us updated on your learning.

Week 5- look at our super home learners...

Week 3- We are missing you all so much but seeing your smiling faces is really helping.