How do our Staff, Parents and Wider Community use Maths in Real Life?

The Maths Council are wanting to know how people use Maths in their real life, so they have sent out a slip asking parents, carers, families and visitors to our school to share how they use Maths! Next time you visit our school, why not get a slip from reception and tell us how you use Maths!

This is how our parents, carers, visitors and wider school community use Maths in their everyday life!

How our staff use Maths in their everyday life. All around school you may see these signs filled with how the staff use Maths. We use it in all aspects of our life!

Staff were asked to share what impact LCQM has had on our school and how we raise the profile of Maths for our children. Here are some of their thoughts...

Our Maths Growth Mindset Mascot- The Maths Yeti has been looking for what Maths is about in everyday life. We hope you enjoy the photos below of his adventures! What Maths can you spot in your local environment?