LIPA Councillors

24.1.20- The Eco Councillors led their first assembly today, they were very confident and passionate about an important message!

21.6.19- The School Council met this week to begin plans for the big 5th birthday celebration! We can't wait to share our plans with you all. Remember to keep Monday 22nd July free to join us for our celebrations.

14.6.19- The school council met this week to discuss the names of our new Year 5 classes. It took a while but we managed to narrow it down to...

Hope Street

Rodney Street

We hope the new Year 5 classes are happy with their new names... Mrs Delaney and Mrs Bell definitely were.


April 2019- We really enjoyed thinking of questions for our new teachers and then interviewing them. The children explored very thought provoking questions for the future LIPA teachers. They definitely know what they want in a teacher for our school.

Our 2019 School Councillors:

Reception- Cohen and Maddie

Year 1- Reuben and Carolina

Year 2- Kendall and Eleanor

Year 3- Ava and Jasper

Year 4- Frankie and Blossom

Congratulations to our amazing new school councillors!

We have been amazed by how many children applied to be on the school council this year! The applications have been such a high standard.

Thank goodness the children were the ones making the decisions.

We shortlisted the initial applications and then asked the shortlisted children to tell us "What would be your dream job?"

They created some powerpoints, videos, posters and speeches and explained their dream jobs to us. Then all of the children in the class did a secret vote to find out who would be our councillors this year.

Enjoy looking at the work our children produced. 

Thank you everybody for all of your hard work!

15.2.19- To thank our school councillors for all their hard work this year, we went to Gelatizmo Ice Cream Shop and treated the children to a delicious ice cream. We even had some cookie dough too! Good luck to those children who have been shortlisted for the new school council, we look forward to seeing your applications after the half term break.

30.11.18- We met Louise Ellman, our local MP and discussed what it was like to be a member of parliament. It was so interesting to hear her views and to find out how similar things are to our school council. We decided that Louise's role was quite similar to our school council role but she has to find out the views and opinions of a lot more people that we do!

On 17.10.18, we met with Tony from Can Cook and discussed our thoughts about lunches. We will be having votes with our classes this week to discuss what is going well and what we would like to be changed.

June 2018- We were invited back to Cathedral Court to help with some gardening, we had a lovely sunny day and even made our own plant pots to take home!

On 17.5.18, we visited Cathedral Court residential home. We loved having afternoon tea, playing with old toys and learning about the royal wedding!

Our school councillors helped us to choose our new teachers for September, they were a very tough interview panel!

During our meetings our School Councillors have been discussing important issues such as school dinners. We thought of things we liked about the dinners and things we thought we could change. We then passed our ideas onto Mr Parker to share with the team who cook our dinners. 

We have also been helping Miss Sutton with some RE work, this was important to make sure that she could share what was going well in RE and what we enjoyed about it. 

Next week, we are going to be looking at the School of Sanctuary work and thinking about how we can support school to become a School of Sanctuary.


Our School Councillors:

Reception- Pascale and Elizabeth

Year 1- Chara and Harrison

Year 2- Keegan and Noah

Year 3- Lily and Violet


Thank you so much to everybody who applied, we were amazed with your applications and hope you try again next year.

Our wonderful School Council applications

We even received a few videos!

Still image for this video
What a star!

Everybody worked so hard.

Still image for this video
What fabulous ideas!

Do you want to be a member of our school council? Do you think you can help us to make important decisions for our school?

We cannot wait to see your applications for the school council!

Please have all applications back to school by Monday 6th November 2017.