LIPA Maths Celebrations

We loved celebrating #MathsWeekEngland on the week beginning the 9th November 2020. Have a look at the fun 'puzzle power' themed activities we enjoyed!

We are constantly adding new celebrations to our school calendar to promote positive attitudes towards Maths. Please click on this pdf to find our most recent Maths Events and Opportunities calendar!

To celebrate National Numeracy Day on 13th May the teachers were given a challenge to share how they use Maths in their everyday lives. Some teachers use it whilst baking, others when doing their daily exercise, Mr Parker uses it for budgets and one of the teachers loves Maths that much she reads about it! We would love to see how you use Maths in your everyday lives.

As Part of our National Numeracy Day Celebration, on Wednesday 13th May 2020, the staff at LIPA will be sharing how they are using Maths during this time. #Mathsiseverywhere 

Can you think of ways you have been using Maths recently? Remember to tweet us at @LipaPrimarySch or email info@lipaprimary.org We'd love to see how our wonderful children and families use Maths in their everyday life. 

Don't forget to visit www.numeracyday.com to find free courses, activities and videos all about the importance of Maths! 


LIPA celebrates the International Day of Mathematics! We were even added to the international events map!

HMRC Junior Tax Facts Workshops with Year 3, 4 and 5!

My Money Week

During My Money Week Natwest visited every class in the school to teach the children about why it is important to save money. All the children received a Natwest themed goody bag full of wonderful surprises and tips about how to save money. Thank you Natwest!