Welcome to Lambananas’ class page. We will put photographs and videos up each week to share with you what we have been up to in class. 

It has been a busy week in year 3 - week 7

Times tables work in Maths
Categorising information about Ronald Dahl in English
Investigating Soil formation in Science
Researching Levi Tafari in Computing

Fossil making in Science week 6

First we crushed pasta shells and added PVA glue and water.
Then we used shells to make imprints.
Next we pulled all the mixture together making rocks.
Here they are ready to be broken open next week!

Mental Health Day - recipes for good mental health week 6

We made Biscuithenge in PBL week 5

Maths week 5

Number facts
Number facts
Battle Ships
Battle Ships
Expanded addition
Expanded addition
Expanded addition


Still image for this video
In our REAL PE session we were exploring balancing and different movements. This is an example of a game of Tig.

Maths party day week 4

Snowballs Week 3

Still image for this video
We played snowballs in English to help us remember different parts of our story, Cave Boy. You write down a part you remember, screw up the paper and throw it into the middle of the room. Someone else picks up your snowball and adds their memories from the story. At the end each snowball is full of information which helps us develop our knowledge of the story.

A Captain Collaborative junk-art lesson. Week 2

Welcome to Lambananas class Week 1