Liverpool Maths Party Day

Year 1 were given the opportunity to trial an exciting story sack from Liverpool Learning Partnership. It contained a range of Maths activities linked to the text 'Lifesize' by Sophy Henn.

Liverpool Maths Party Day 2019

On Liverpool Maths Party Day 2019 our Year 4 children designed and made a selection of Maths themed games for the different year groups in school. During the day they went to their designated year groups and shared the games they had made for them. This was a wonderful day as it was lovely to see the children's enthusiasm for Maths!
On Liverpool Maths Party Day 2018 all the children in school completed a Maths Mile to raise money for charity. All classes warmed up in the hall to number songs and then walked, skipped or jogged the Maths Mile around school. During the Maths Mile they had to complete Mathematical challenges along the way, from visiting a Pizza Parlour to playing 'Pin the Answer to the Question' game. It was wonderful to see the activities Year 3 had planned and made for our Maths Mile. Well done children!