Maths in Assemblies

We love Maths at LIPA, even during our assemblies!

Every Friday, during our award assemblies, Mr Parker asks us many Maths real life questions, from how many birthdays we have had that week to the total age of the children who have celebrated a birthday. He even asks us to create our own word problems linked to real life situations and they are not always linked to football! There are also Maths awards given out fortnightly and every week we find out who the TT Rockstars award winners are.



On Friday 13th March, Mr Parker set all the classes a challenge, during award assembly- How many golden medals are in my bag? Every class had to estimate how many medals were in the bag.

We love estimation challenges!

On Monday 3rd February and Tuesday 4th February,

 Mrs Delaney and Miss Sutton led assemblies for Phase 1 and 2 all about Maths and how it is everywhere! The children were given a range of mathematical problems to solve and then were reminded of the importance of using our growth mindset in Maths. They remembered one of the secrets to feeling confident- standing like a superhero for five minutes every day! Their superhero poses were fabulous!

On Tuesday 5th November, Mr Tucker led a Phase 2 assembly about ‘Attendance and Punctuality’ linking it all to real life maths. The children had to answer a range of questions about attendance and see if they could apply their maths skills to real life problems!

On Monday 24th June 2019 Mrs Delaney led a whole school Maths assembly. She gave us some mathematical challenges and showed how we use Maths in everyday life.