Collections for Calais

In October, Helene, one of our parents will be visiting Calais again. Last time Helene visited, I joined her on the trip and it was amazing to see the work that people are doing to support those who need it most at such a difficult time in their lives and also the difference that these donations can make to them.


Helene has explained that they will be supporting two charities with donations, there are women and children still living in the camps in Calais, even though there is media silence. We want to help the refuge women’s centre because it is unimaginable to be with your child in these conditions!


'We are assisting the Refugee Info Bus because it is so important for sanctuary seekers to have the right information, and being connected is so important, hence collecting phones, power banks etc so people can stay connected to friends, families, lawyers, medics.'


We will be collecting items in school for Helene to take with her to the camps. Any donations will be really appreciated but we are mainly looking for:

- Baby Wipes
- Baby milk powder (No.1 and No.3 preferably “Gallia” “Aptimol” or “Cow & Gate”)
- Nappies size 4-6
-Women’s leggings
-Children’s bottoms age 4-6
-Phone chargers
-Old phones


We will have a collection box in the round room at the front of school or children can take donations to classes and we will collect from there. We will be so grateful for any donations that might support people living in such awful conditions.


If we could have all donations in school by 3rd October, Helene will be able to sort through them and pack them ready for her trip.


Thank you so much for your support with this.