Important Re-Opening Information

Tuesday 21st July 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,


I wrote to you last week to give you a general update on plans for September and now that our September Risk Assessment and related Wider School Reopening Plan are complete, I am now in a position to give you some further detail.

Return to school - All children in years 1-6 will be back as normal from 2nd September. Our new Reception children start from Monday 7th September.

Classroom Bubbles - Each class will operate in their own Bubble.  This is to prioritise the safety of staff and children and also to minimise the impact of a case of Covid-19.  Children will work, play out and have lunch with children in their Bubble and contact with children in other Bubbles will be minimised.  Each Bubble will have their own toilet facilities and will have their own class teacher and at least one other member of staff with them throughout the school day. Each Bubble will also have their own resources, including day to day learning resources, PE equipment and technology.

Assemblies - the use of joint areas and big gatherings will be minimised.  However, we intend to use technology such as Microsoft Teams to have assemblies and also to have other contact activities between Bubbles

School Dinners - a new menu will be in place from September which will have one vegetarian and one vegetarian option.  Initially, school dinners will be taken in classrooms.  We are keeping this as straight forward as possible during this period.

Curriculum - we pride ourselves on our broad and balanced, project-based curriculum and our plan is to return to this in September.  Alongside this we will be doing lots of work in the early stages to support children in their transition back into school with their new teacher.  Teachers will also be working with children to help them catch up on face to face learning missed since March.

Arrival and departure from school - these have been staggered to support social distancing.  All children, apart from Year 6 will enter and leave school from the back gate, details of times below. 


See table below…





8.30-40 + siblings



8.30-40 + siblings



8.40-50 + siblings



8.40-50 + siblings



8.50-9.00 + siblings



8.50-9.00 + siblings



8.30-40 + siblings



Year 6 will arrive and depart from the new door, Cathedral Close side.

All other groups will enter and exit from the back gate.  A queueing system will be in place.  Systems already in place for seeing children into and out of school will remain.

Siblings will arrive at the earliest arrival point in the morning and staff will be in classrooms to receive children from 8.30.

Appointments- we are keen to remain responsive and supportive however any meetings in school will be by appointment only.  Parents will not normally be permitted on the school site.

School Uniform - children will wear school uniform as normal from 1st September

PE Kits – PE times are still to be confirmed within the school timetables however this will take place for all classes as part of the normal curriculum.  On those days, children will be able to come to school in tracksuits and their PE kit.

After School Clubs - school run clubs like football, choir and running will initially not take place as this would involve mixing children in different Bubbles.  Further guidance is expected over summer in relation to our Fun4Kidz Breakfast and After School Clubs and how they may run from September.  We will be in touch as soon as we have this clarity in August.

Cleaning - an enhanced programme of cleaning is in place before, during and after the school day. 

Equipment - the only equipment children need to bring is a packed lunch (if they are having one) and their coat. All learning resources will be provided along with water bottles which will be washed each day.  Initially book bags should not be brought into school.


We were keen to have all this information ready for staff and families ahead of the holiday to provide some reassurance.  However, it is important to bear in mind that circumstances may change before 1st September and if any changes impact on how we will manage in school, we will let you know.  We will be in touch anyway on 1st September via the usual channels.

Our priority will be to ensure that the children settle back in school and enjoy their learning and I am confident that this can be achieved quickly.

We are now operating in a very different world than was the case in February and school is no different.  In order for us to be successful going forward we need staff, children and parents to work together to support our approach and ways of working.

Your role in this is crucial.  Arrival and departure of children is different and timings need to be adhered to and as indicated, under normal circumstances any meetings will be by appointment only. However, I am convinced we can make this work.

We have received a lot of positive feedback for our approach and support since March which is nice however whatever we do is no substitute for having all our children back in school and we are really looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 2nd September.

Keep safe and see you all soon,