NSPCC Number Day

NSPCC Number Day 2020

NSPCC Number Day 2019

On NSPCC Number Day 2019 the children celebrated the importance of Maths. They had to dress up as digits for the day and complete a range of fun mathematical activities from number hunts to playing board games with each other. Year 4 created a Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Maths challenge booklets that they sold to raise money for The NSPCC. The children enjoyed creating real life problems linking them to the National Curriculum age related expectations. The booklets were so popular that we had to photocopy more than we originally planned. Well done children!

NSPCC Number Day 2018

On NSPCC Number Day 2018 the children entered a 'Dress up for Digits' competition. They had to wear a number or Maths themed outfit and parade in our mathematical fashion show during assembly. The children took part in a number hunt in classes, played mathematical themed games, created posters all about themselves using Maths calculations and created pictures using our Cuisenaire rods!