How is phonics taught in Reception?

  • Read Write Inc programme
  • Daily 30 minute lesson comprising of hear it-say it-read it-write it
  • Children learn 4 sounds per week
  • Daily handwriting activities- practicing letter formation
  • Weekly mark making activity
  • Supporting activities around the classroom.

WB – 28.09.20

Your child learned the letter sounds m, a, s, d this week


When writing the letter sounds we say

m – Down Maisie, up and over the mountain, up and over the mountain

a – around the apple down the leaf

s – Slither down the snake

d – Round his bottom, up his tall neck and down his feet 


Can you practice writing them and saying them at home? Share with us on Evidence Me what you get up to!



WB – 05.10.20

Your child learned the letter sounds t, i, n, p this week


When writing the letter sounds we say

t – Start at the flower, down the curl, then go across the leaves

i – down and around the insects body and a dot for his head

n – Down Nobby and back up over his net

p – down the plait and around the pirates face

WB – 12.10.20

This week your child learned the letter sounds g, o, c, k.

You can copy and paste the link below the letter sounds into your browser to help support your child at home!


When writing the letter sounds we say

g – around the girls face down her hair and give her a curl



o – all around the orange



c – curl around the caterpillar



k – down the kangaroo’s body, tail and leg



Try your best to practice them at home, can you say the letter sound and also write it? We would love if you could share all your lovely learning with us on Evidence Me!