Sefton Park

Welcome to Sefton Park Class Page! 

We will be uploading pictures and videos to our page every week to show you what we've been doing.

Autumn 1 Week 1 - 2nd September 2020 

The children have loved settling back into school and getting to know their new classroom. 

Autumn 1 Week 2- 7th September 2020

This week we talked about our hopes and dreams. Look at some of our beautiful dream jars! 

Autumn 1 Week 3- 14th September 2020

In art this week, we have looked at the story 'My Magic Breath'. We then created our very own rainbow breathe after we meditated. Look how beautiful they are! 

Autumn 1 Week 4- 21st September 2020

This week we have been recapping our knowledge of place value. Using our base 10 to help us understand the value of a number. 

 Maths Party Day - We loved spotting the maths in songs today! We especially loved 'Dolly Parton 9 to 5'.

Autumn 1 Week 5- 28th September 2020

This week we have really enjoyed going on the chrome books! We have practiced logging in and out and had a go on some of our favourite websites on https://www.spongyelephant.com/primarypupils/ 

In PBL this week we have been learning all about 'Superworm' and so in Science we decided to create a worm farm! We loved finding the worms and creating a home for them! Could you create a worm farm at home?

Autumn 1 Week 6 -  9th October 2020


World Mental Health Day

To celebrate World Mental Health Day, Year 2 read the book 'The Lion Inside'. We spoke about our inner mouse and how we can turn that into a lion when we need to. We also spoke about ways to keep our brains healthy and we did lots of dancing to GoNoodle which made us very happy. We drew some portraits of the lion and the mouse using our careful art skills.

Autumn 1 Week 7 - 13th October 2020


Black History Month

This month, we have been learning all about a very important man called James Clarke. We have made medals for him, decorated street signs for James Clarke Street, researched him using the chromebooks and we even wrote a letter from James' perspective. This week, we were lucky enough to speak to both Donna from EMTAS and James Clarkes grandson, Martin Clarke. We found out so many interesting facts, ask us about this at home! We will blow your socks off!

Autumn 1 Week 8 - 19th October 2020

To celebrate the last week of our first half term in Year 2, we had a Halloween party in our classroom! We decorated Halloween paper plates, made our own Witches Hats out of cookies and ice cream cones and made Spiders out of donuts and pretzels! We had the best time ever! We might even share some of our spooky treats with you!