Stanley Park

Welcome to Stanley Park Class Page! 

We will be uploading pictures and videos to our page every week to show you what we've been doing.



Autumn 2- Week 1 (02.11.20) 

'Yertle the Turtle' by Dr Seuss 

This week we have been learning all about the King of the Pond! We loved hot seating and stepping into role as the characters. We also created our very own Yertle the Turtles! 

Bonfire Night (05.11.20)

To celebrate Bonfire Night we created our own firework displays using chalk and talked about firework safety. 

Autumn 2- Week 1 (06.11.20) 

Ernie the Tortoise 

Today, Miss Carberry brought her pet tortoise in to meet us all. His name is Ernie! We loved watching him move around our classroom and it was amazing to stroke his shell. We even got to feed him!

Autumn 2- Week 2 (09.11.20) 

This week, we have enjoyed learning about animals and their young. We have been working together to sort animals into two different categories...animals that give birth and animals that lay eggs. We used pictures to help us! 

Autumn 2- Week 3 (16.11.20)

'Anti Bullying Week'

We loved wearing odd socks this week to show that everyone is different! We learnt all about bullying and how we can make sure nobody is bullied in our class. We made a paperchain made up of lovely things we had written about our classmates. 

Autumn 2- Week 3 (18.11.20)

We have been reading poetry with our partners. We have been looking for rhyming couplets and we even used real teacher highlighters to highlight the rhyming couplets! 

Autumn 2- Week 4 (26.11.20)

We have been learning all about our emotions and feelings in PSHE. We played a mirror game where we made a face to reflect a certain emotion and our partner had to guess what the emotion was. Can you guess our emotions?

Autumn 2- Week 4 (26.11.20)

We have been reading the book 'Green Eggs and Ham' this week we had a very special delivery from Seuss Land! We were sent real green eggs and ham to try! Some of us loved them and some of us thought they were disgusting! 

Autumn 2- Week 5 (01.12.20)

This week, a very special delivery arrived at Stanley Park from the North Pole. We welcomed Ernie the Elf into our classroom and he has already been very cheeky! Yesterday, Ernie drew a moustache and glasses on Miss Wright and Miss Beechey's pictures! 

Autumn 2- Week 5 (04.12.20)

This week, we have been learning how to subtract on a number line! We have been using our counting skills to count backwards and we have even been making backwards jumps on our number lines!

Autumn 2- Week 6 (07.12.20)

This week, we visited a food bank to donate food to families who might need it this Christmas. We used the money we raised selling our poetry books to buy the food and we felt like Santa's Little Helpers whilst delivering it!

Autumn 2- Week 7 (14.12.20)

WOW!! What a busy last week we have had here in Stanley Park! We have made the most of the festive cheer and have made Christmas cards, calendars, decorated gingerbread men, built paper snowmen, and it was all topped off with a wonderful Christmas party with our friends! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your families :)