Teacher Challenges

To celebrate National Numeracy Day on 13th May the teachers were given a challenge to share how they use Maths in their everyday lives. Some teachers use it whilst baking, others when doing their daily exercise, Mr Parker uses it for budgets and one of the teachers loves Maths that much she reads about it! We would love to see how you use Maths in your everyday lives. Please tweet us a photo @LipaPrimarySch or email info@lipaprimary.org

Can you spot the Maths links in the photos below? Could you write a Maths problem linked to one of the photos?

The staff at LIPA have been celebrating the Book Trust's Pyjamarama Day in style. They have been reading in their PJs and sharing some of their favourite books! We would love to see what our wonderful LIPA children are reading during this time. Remember to tweet us @LIPAPrimarySch or email info@lipaprimary.org Remember reading not only relaxes you but can transport you to different worlds! 

The staff at LIPA have created some challenges for you to answer as part of your home learning. We would love to see your answers and work linked to the staff challenges below. Please tweet them to us @LIPAPrimarySch or email them through to info@lipaprimary.org

We can't wait to see what you have done at home! 

Mrs Murphy has been looking after her family dog Freddie whilst working from home. She has been walking him around different parks in Liverpool. What is your favourite park to visit? How many parks are there in Liverpool? How can you find this out?

Miss McGee has been enjoying her evening walks down the prom with her sister's dog. She is making sure she is getting her daily exercise! Look how beautiful that sunset is! Can you write a description of the sunset?

Miss Wright is making some delicious rocky road. Here are Miss Wright’s ingredients, can you write a recipe to help her? Miss Wright has 2 people in her house and would like each person to have 2 slices each. What fraction should Miss Wright cut her rocky road into? Can you draw a maths picture to help Miss Wright?

Miss Logan likes writing letters to send to her Nan and other family members. She bought 2 books of stamps. One book cost £7.50. How much did Miss Logan spend on stamps altogether?

Mr Parker has been doing his exercise with his rugby league playing daughter, Mollie. If Mollie caught 45 out of 55 high kicks, would her success rate be better than 80%?

Mrs Delaney has been enjoying her daily exercise over the weekend. Can you estimate how many trees are in the photo of the forest below? #mathsiseverywhere Can you write a description or create a story about what you can see? #writingiseverywhere

Miss Coyle has made scones! She used her mathematical skills to make sure she measured out the correct amounts of each ingredient and followed the instructions on the recipe. Three scones are still in the oven, how many has Miss Coyle made in total? #mathsiseverywhere

Mrs Lucas has enjoyed being creative in the kitchen, making her own pasta! What cooking could you do at home with your family? Or can you write a recipe for your dream meal?

Miss Sutton has been enjoying her new hobby of baking! She was inspired by Miss Wright to make a delicious rocky road! Can you think of some wonderful adjectives to describe her rocky road? What could you bake at home this week?

Miss Farahi has been doing some evening reading about musical genres and styles. What is your favourite musical genre? How does music make you feel?

Mr Mason is taking a planning break to start a new book in the sunshine. Please tell us what books you are reading at the moment.