Year 2

20.3.20- Year 2 are loving having a movie afternoon with their friends. We have even got popcorn and sweets because we definitely deserve a special treat!

19.3.20- Today, Turtles and Dolphins had an Easter Egg Hunt! We had so much fun working together to find the eggs. We especially loved eating the yummy treats hidden inside! Yum Yum!

13.3.20- Year 2 enjoyed celebrating International Maths Day!

12.3.20- In Year 2 this week we have loved looking at the different fashion in the 1960s. We have especially loved trying on some clothes! Which would be your favourite style; mod, hippie, space age or Rocker?

11.3.20- Stop and Sing!

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9.3.20- Year 2 enjoyed their visit to Year 4 for Science Week!

9.3.20- Yesterday was International Women's Day and to celebrate and start the week off Year 2 have been writing about inspirational women in their lives.

04.03.20 Today, Year 2 have enjoyed researching facts for their non-chronological report about the 1960's. We can't wait to start our writing later on this week!

03.03.20 Today, Year 2 used their maths skills during our PBL lesson. We used a Venn Diagram to sort toys from the 1960's and toys from today. We even found a toy that was invented in the 60's but is still used today, so we put that one in the middle of our diagram!

2nd March 2020 Today, Year 2 were very lucky to have two special visitors!! Mr Merrivale and Mrs Murphy's Nan, Dot, came to talk to us about their life in the 1960's. We loved learning about their school days and we even got to play with some toys from the 60's. Thank you so much to our wonderful visitors!

Some wonderful feedback from the Beatles Museum...

"It was a pleasure to welcome you all today and I hope we were able to fulfil your expectations regarding the launch of your Beatles topic.

The children behaved admirably and were a credit to themselves and their school. They seemed very enthusiastic and their questions were a joy.

Finally thank you for a very well organised trip and we hope to welcome LIPA again in the near future."

26.2.20- Year 2 have had a wonderful day at the Beatles Museum today and were great role models as usual!

25.2.20- Year 2 enjoyed testing some pancakes today!

Spring 2 Curriculum Map

11.2.20/ 13.2.20- We hope you enjoyed Year 2's art exhibition as much as Year 2 have enjoyed creating it! What wonderful artists!

Year 2 have been very busy this half term.

30.1.20- Thankyou to all the grown ups who came to our Year 2 Maths United. The children had great fun showing you all how much they have learnt in maths and what amazing mathematicians they can be!

29.1.20- Year 2 were so well behaved on our trip on the Mersey Ferry and Liverpool Museum. We were so proud when members of the public stopped us to tell us how amazing they were! We had such a fabulous day!

13.1.20- Year 2 have loved exploring their project 'In my Liverpool home'. We have especially loved starting our artwork ready for our art exhibition. Ask us all about it!

Spring 1 Curriculum Map

12.12.19- Year 2 hosted a very successful poetry morning this morning. We raised £103.20 for Pets as Therapy by selling our poetry books, cakes and biscuits, whilst also performing to our parents. Thank you to everybody who came to support us.

WB 2.12.19- Year 2 had a very busy week with their trip to the TATE art gallery and a visit from lovely Archie...

2.12.19- Year 2 were very excited to have two very special visitors arrive today.

26.11.19- Year 2 ran ran 124,800 steps towards our million steps challenge! Wow we are really making an impact now!

20.11.19- In Year 2 this week we have been looking at the book 'Green Eggs and Ham' by Dr Seuss. We predicted what we thought it would taste like and then ate some!! We then voted on whether we liked it or not.

13.11.19- I can perform poetry...

12.11.19- Year 2 have been doing lots for Anti-Bullying Week this morning.

11.11.19- Remembrance Day in Year 2

4.11.19- Year 2 have loved re-freshing our maths brains on the first day back! We loved using all of our apparatus to make the number 20 in as many ways as we could! We even talked about how much £20 would get us and how many years it will be until we are 20 years old.

25.10.19- Thankyou to all the Year 2 grown ups who came to our project outcome: The Gruffalo Hunt! We all had such fun and loved showing our grown ups what we had learnt.

22.10.19- Being Captain Explorer and Captain Problem Buster

8.10.19- Year 2 had a very special visitor in their classrooms today... a dragon! We were so excited that a dragon had been in our classrooms that we decided we must write a letter to Mr Parker to persuade him to make LIPA Primary Dragon friendly! We hope he says yes!

8.10.19- Today Year 2 have loved creating number lines using all of our maths equipment! We love maths!

1.10.19- Year 2 had to choose somebody that they wish they could contact on the internet in computing today and draft a tweet to them. The children loved the idea that some of these celebrities could read what they had written! We also discussed all the safety around this!

We have already had some fantastic homework in Year 2! How amazing are these stick men made from natural resources?! Well done!

24.9.19- Year 2 have been working really hard in Maths this week. We have been using base 10 to partition two digit numbers and we have been representing these numbers in lots of different ways. Ask us about partitioning!

23.9.19- To begin our week on the book 'Superworm'. Year 2 made a worm farm, we collected worms and made a comfortable habitat for them to live in.

13.9.19- Year 2 created dream jars and discussed there hopes and dreams for Roald Dahl Day!

12.9.19- Year 2 have had a great start this week. We went on a classroom hunt and got to know our new surroundings. We are so excited to do much more learning!

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