Year 5

26.3.21- Year 5 have had a great week wrapping up their project. They enjoyed learning all about old devices that people used to use such as CD's, records, IPods and so many more.

19.3.21- Year 5 have been busy this week, even interviewing 'Steve Jobs' and practising their multiplication.

12.3.21- Year 5 have been learning about the census this week.

11.3.21- Year 5 have been designing and creating for Science Week.

9.3.21- Year 5 have been remaking their class promises this week to celebrate being back in school. Have a read of some of our promises...

5.3.21- Year 5 have been really busy this week, they celebrated World Book Day, researched Michelle Obama for International Women's Day and also created some art work.

26.2.21- Year 5 have have created mindfulness watercolour paintings and also been nusy labelling parts of a plant in science.

25.2.21- Year 5 have had a lovely time painting their hearts for our LIPA Values display. In Maths today, we used the money to help us count the difference between certain amounts. This helped to give a visual picture of real life money.

13.11.20. To celebrate Maths Week England, Year 5 have practised their basic skills with a game of bingo!


23.10.20 Year 5 have completed their 'You Are A Sky Full Of Stars' project and have learnt so much along the way!


Follow the links to our project outcome videos to see everything we have been up to!


Solar System Jazz!


What is in our Solar System?




LIPA's next top astronaut

16.10.20 This week in maths, we have been working hard to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers. We used cubes to help us and made videos recording our answers on Seesaw. Here are a few examples:




7.10.20 Year 5 took part in their very own LIPA Astronaut Fitness test! The trainee astronauts were tested in their balance, agility and core strength! 





25.9.20 In Year 5, we celebrated Maths Party Day by making our own party hats and playing lots of games. We also danced and sung along to our new favourite times tables songs!


18.9.20 To kick start our project about the solar system, both classes created clay models of the eight planets. Keep a look out for our final mobile planetarium!