Year 5

27.2.20- Year 5 enjoyed sharing all their strategies for multiplication and division with their families during their Maths United afternoon

In Science Year 5 are learning about the everyday uses of materials and their properties. We created a vocabulary bank of definitions to support us in writing up our experiment in the next few weeks!

Spring 2 Curriculum Map

Year 5 have enjoyed becoming the teachers during our Maths lessons, showcasing their wonderful division strategies and reasoning skills!

Year 5 have enjoyed learning about multiplication especially long multiplication. They have used the grid and column method to find the answers to our Problem Busters!'

Year 5 have been writing balanced arguments about whether TV is good for you. We even created an in class debate. We think some children will be working in the Houses of Parliament in the future after showcasing their wonderful public speaking skills!

Year 5 have been looking at different genres of texts during their whole class Reading Mastery sessions. They looked at the song 'This is Me' and enjoyed find out the meaning behind certain lyrics.

Year 5 have been learning about Keith Haring and his artwork which was inspired by the effects of television. We sketched our ideas and used a range of techniques to create our final pieces. Some can be found in our corridor art gallery!

Spring 1 Curriculum Map

Year 5 helped our Run with George challenge by running 51,650 steps.

Year 5 had a very busy first half term! They learnt so many facts about Space and loved sharing them during their Planetarium exhibition. Now we are enjoying the start of our new project...can you guess what it is about?

20.9.19- We have made models of the solar system, taken part in LIPA's Next Top Astronaut and found a bag of money on the playground linked to our new English text 'Millions' by Frank Cottrell-Boyce.

Autumn 1 Curriculum Map