LIPA Primary School's Admissions Policy is simple, open and reaches out to our locality and wider region, while remaining fully inclusive. We are part of Liverpool City Council's co-ordinated admissions arrangements, and so the decision to admit children to our school lies solely in their hands, based on criteria which can be found on their website: www.liverpool.gov.uk/admissions. Our school attracts children from across Liverpool, but is predominantly made up of those living in the Riverside Ward.


Applications are submitted directly to Liverpool City Council in between September and January in the year preceding a child's start in the Reception class.


If you would like to discuss anything relating to the admission of your child to LIPA Primary School, please do not hesitate to contact Greg Parker, Headteacher, either on 0151 958 0020 or info@lipaprimary.org.


If you are unsuccessful in gaining a place at LIPA Primary School you do have the right to appeal.  Please contact the school if you wish to make an appeal and we will guide you through this process.


The timetable for any appeals is as follows:


- Wednesday 26th May 2021 - Deadline for parents to submit a Notice Of Appeal form.

- June/July 2021 - Appeal hearings to be held*


* We aim to hold the appeal hearings within 40 school days of the deadline for submitting and appeal. In some exceptional circumstances we may need to hold hearings after this date.


* We will give the appellant ten days' notice of an appeal hearing date, time and location.