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Thrive Activities

Mindful Body-Scanner Check-in


Sit on the floor or on a chair with your eyes closed, feel the floor/chair beneath you. Bring your awareness to any sounds you can hear outside of the room you are in. Then bring your awareness to any sounds you can hear inside of the room, any smells, temperatures, sensations, etc. Now bring your attention to inside your body, noticing any sounds you hear inside you. Bring your attention to your breathing, noticing how easy or not easy it feels to breathe in this moment, and where you are breathing from.


Imagining now there is a warm, glowing green light scanner just above the top of your head. Imagining the scanner is going to make its’ way down over your forehead, your eyes, your nose, your ears, your cheeks, your mouth, etc…making it’s way down and over your body, just noticing what’s there in this moment. Noticing any colours, sensations, feelings, words, etc coming up and just accepting them, it is all welcome. Imagine the scanner coming back up over your toes, feet, ankles, etc, all the way hope to your stomach, where it pauses and you can take a breath for your stomach centre; where our gut instincts come from. The scanner continues up to the chest, where it pauses and you can take a breath for your heart centre; our feeling centre, our emotions. The scanner continues up to your head, where it pauses and you can take a breath for your mind centre; for our thoughts and words. Allow the green light scanner to continue past the top of your head where it will hover above you, awaiting the next check in or check out.


Gently bring yourself back to the room, feeling your body on the floor/chair once again. For extra grounding, you can imagine tree roots grown from the base of your spine and soles of your feet, down into the earth. Keep a note of any experiences and reflections from your check ins.

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