Remote learning Information for Individuals

LIPA Remote Learning FAQs


What will happen if my child is absent from school due to Covid-19 related reasons and their class bubble is still attending school?

If your child is absent from school due to Covid-19 related reasons and this does not affect their class bubble we will continue to support them. This will be through a telephone call on the first day of absence and then follow up calls every other day from a member of staff.

Once you have confirmed your child’s absence, you will receive an email containing the information in this document on the second day of absence. They will receive a learning resource pack with enough resources to last them for the duration of their isolation and to enable them to continue to access the curriculum. This will be sent electronically or hard copy depending on what is agreed in each individual case. Your child will also be guided to access lessons from the Oak National Academy website (see below).


Your child should be accessing 3 hours of daily learning through these resources.


I don’t have a device my child can use, what do I do?

As online learning has proved to be such a valuable tool at this time, we have committed to ensuring that each and every child can access this resource at home. We have a supply of Chrome Books and if your child needs one of these we will confirm whether or not one of these is needed at the initial notification stage.



How often will we be in touch?

We want both yourself and your child to feel supported at this time. The following contact points are in place to allow for this:

  • You will receive an email to direct you to your Learning Resource Pack and lessons from the Oak National Academy
  • A telephone call on the first day of absence to confirm learning arrangements.
  • A Learning Resource Pack will be made available on the second day of absence
  • Calls from a member of staff to check in with you and your child will take place every other day


What is Oak National Academy?

Oak National Academy is an online classroom which has been created by teachers specifically to support pupils’ learning at home. Oak is a free website available at www.thenational.academy. It has been created by over 80 teachers, with the backing of the Government and is designed to help schools and parents balance learning at home. You can access Oak’s online classroom on any device, you don’t need to log in or remember a password. Each Oak Academy lesson is delivered by a trained teacher, over a pre-recorded video, and it’s very clear at the start of each session anything you might need (such as pens, paper etc). The lessons are designed to need minimal supervision, although this will depend on the age of your child.



How do I access the Oak Academy Lessons?

You can access Oak at www.thenational.academy. It’s easy to get on through a phone, tablet or laptop. You can use Oak on more than one device at the same time, which is great if you have children of different ages learning together.


Do I need a login and password?

You don’t need a login or password for Oak. You can simply go to the website and, depending on what your teacher has recommended for your child, start the lessons straight away. The website doesn’t collect your personal information, so you and your child’s data is safe.


Do I need to do the lessons with my child?

Each Oak Academy lesson is a pre-recorded video with a teacher who takes your child through each section step-by-step. The level of your supervision has been designed to be minimal, although that will depend on the age of your child. Each lesson can be paused and rewound to help pupils learn at their own pace. Some lessons, such as Art and Design, may require more supervision.

What resources will I need for Remote Learning?

Each of the Oak lessons, which make up the bulk of the learning, will let you know at the beginning of a session what you need. Usually this is just a pen and paper. Other lessons, such as Art and Design, may need a few other materials.


How are the lessons taught?

Each of Oak’s lessons is an hour-long and is delivered over by a video on the website. The lessons include quizzes, worksheets and creative activities to engage your child. The videos are pre-recorded so there’s no other children in your child’s session.


Can we access lessons at any time?

All lessons are available any time, so you can choose when your children go online to help you balance your daily routine. Each lesson follows a sequence which builds on previous lessons, but they are also stand alone so you don’t need to start from the beginning. Some Oak lessons may suggest completion of an earlier lesson but if this has not been suggested by teachers, it is because that content has already been covered in school.


Do I have to share my child’s work with their teacher?

It is a requirement that you must share your child’s work with their teacher. This can be completed by Evidence Me for Reception Class children or via Microsoft Teams for all other children.

Teachers can provide personalised feedback on work received, which helps motivate your child and help them to maintain focus and a connection with school during their isolation. We ask that any work completed at home by your child during their absence is brought into school on your child’s return so that your child’s teacher can assess and have evidence of their learning.


Who do I go to for support with Remote Learning?

If you are encountering problems with accessing the Remote Learning, please get in touch via info@lipaprimary.org and your child’s teacher or a member of the Year Group team will get back to you.