Alice Connolly - School Receptionist

Elizabeth Daw - School Receptionist

Kimberly Williams - School Administrator

Keith Tucker - Pupil and Family Support Worker and Intervention Teacher


Greg Parker - Head Teacher and Safeguarding Lead

Holly Lucas - Deputy Head Teacher - SEND Lead


Rebecca Oakes - Reception Class Teacher and Art/ Design and Technology Lead

Claire Coyle - Reception Class Teacher  and LIPA Values

Carolyn Heaney - Reception Class Teaching Assistant

Claire Dalton - Reception Class Teaching Assistant


Hannah Sutton - Year 1 Class Teacher, Phonics Lead and Phase 1 Lead

Hattie Graham - Year 1 Class Teacher and PE Subject Leader

Lisa Wilkinson - Year 1 Teaching Assistant


Morgan Beechey - Year 2 Class Teacher and Computing Subject Leader

Freya Wright - Year 2 Class Teacher - History Subject Leader

Danielle McGee - Year 2 Teaching Assistant 


Charlotte Moore - Year 3 Teacher and RE Subject Leader

Ramena Farahi - Year 3 Teacher and Music Subject Leader

Helen Hartley - Year 3 Teaching Assistant


Amy Atherton- Year 4 Teacher and Science Subject Leader

Laura Noldy - Year 4 Teacher, SEND/ Thrive Lead and Geography Subject Leader

Lydia Hagan - Year 4 Teaching Assistant


Lucy Delaney- Year 5 Teacher and Maths Subject Leader and Phase 2 Lead

Lucy Bell- Year 5 Teacher and EAL and Languages Subject Leader

Claire Tierney- Year 5 Teaching Assistant


Emily Wood- Reception and Year 1 Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Sally Logan- Year 2 and 3 Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Lauren Gall- Year 4 and 5 Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Ellen McDiarmid - Intervention Teacher and English Lead

Philip Mason- PPA Cover Teacher

Demi Fearon - Support Teaching Assistant

Amy Wheaton- Support Teaching Assistant

Jade Byrne- Support Teaching Assistant

Damien Cousins- Support Teaching Assistant


Jamie Turner, Will, Greg, Rachael and George - Music Team