Frequently Asked Questions

LIPA Remote Learning FAQs

We hope these questions and answers will help you and your children to make the most of our Remote Learning provision.


What is LIPA’s Remote Learning approach?


Our Remote Learning looks in depth at what your child would be learning in school and combines relevant resources from high-quality providers such as White Rose Hub and Oak National Academy for you to access at home. You will be given a weekly Remote Learning Grid which includes links to the specific lessons we have selected for your child to complete as well as any necessary guidance to further support you. Links to Brain Breaks are also included here so that your child can have a balanced and enjoyable day of learning. You will also be provided with a template timetable that you may choose to complete with your child, helping them to organise their learning into manageable chunks and be leaders of their own learning throughout the week.


I don’t have a device my child can use, what do I do?


As online learning has proved to be such a valuable tool at this time, we have committed to ensuring that each and every child can access this resource at home. We have purchased a bank of Kindle tablets for families to borrow for the duration of any isolation period- should you require access to these please contact info@lipaprimary.org and include the word ‘Kindle’ and your child’s name and class in the subject bar.


What is Oak National Academy?


Oak National Academy, where much of your child’s online learning will take place, is an online classroom which has been created by teachers specifically to support pupils’ learning at home. Oak is a free website available at www.thenational.academy. It has been created by over 80 teachers, with the backing of the Government and is designed to help schools and parents balance learning at home. You can access Oak’s online classroom on any device, you don’t need to log in or remember a password. The Remote Learning Grid will direct you to the lessons we would like you child to complete. Each Oak Academy lesson is delivered by a trained teacher, over a pre-recorded video, and it’s very clear at the start of each session anything you might need (such as pens, paper etc). The lessons are designed to need minimal supervision, although this will depend on the age of your child.


What will happen if my child needs to isolate and their bubble does not?


If your child needs to isolate and this does not affect their class bubble, we will support them with two calls from their teacher- one at the beginning of their isolation period and one at the beginning of their second week of isolation. You will be directed to Remote Learning resources linked to your child’s current Project and their Curriculum Map. There will be additional resources on the Home Learning section of our website for your child to complete during this time.


How often will we be in touch?


We want both yourself and your child to feel supported at this time. The following contact points are in place to allow for this:

  • Daily email contact with your child’s teacher, whereby a suggested timetable of lessons for the day will be outlined and any important information shared.
  • Daily ‘Home Time Story Time’ videos, pre-recorded by your child’s Teaching Assistant, will be emailed to you daily. These can be played at whatever time of day your child completes their Remote Learning, to mark ‘Home Time’ and help maintain their routine.
  • Whole-class Teams meetings, three throughout the isolation period. The first Teams meeting will happen on the second day of Remote Learning, making sure all families are comfortable with the Learning and answering any questions. A second Teams will take place mid-way through isolation, maintaining motivation for children, and the third Teams will be near the end of isolation, celebrating your child’s fantastic Remote Learning and their imminent return to school.
  • Email contact with your child’s teacher, as needed. Teachers can be reached via info@lipaprimary.org, adding FAO, the teacher’s name and your child’s name in the subject bar. Teachers will be available each day to answer any questions and will also provide individualised feedback on any work received.
  • ‘Check-in Chat’ phone calls from your Child’s TA on day 5 or 6 of isolation. This chat will allow your child to maintain a relationship with their TA, share their Remote Learning successes, and allow families to discuss any Remote Learning issues which will be passed to the Class Teacher and Remote Learning Team to resolve. This call will be from a private number, if you miss it then you will receive an email supporting you in arranging a call-back.


How will you deliver Project Based Learning remotely?


We are very focused on maintaining our PBL approach regardless of learning environment. Where Remote Learning is concerned, we have selected high-quality lessons and units of work relating to the individual subjects that make up PBL, consistently linking them back to our projects and our long-term planning. On the Remote Learning Grid, for example, a lesson may be labelled ‘Geography’ or ‘Art and Design’. This lesson will take the National Curriculum Objective that your child would have been working on during PBL in school that week, and together these lessons will form that week’s PBL learning.


How can I support my child with their remote learning?


Your enthusiasm and motivation are key in encouraging your child to get the most out of their remote learning. You know your child better than anyone so will know whether a timetable, rewards system or having a quiet space to work might be effective for them. We will provide you with a timetable of lessons for the week which you can follow if you choose or adapt as needed. We hope that the resources we have provided will give you the confidence to support your children with their learning, and as always we are on hand to support you should you need us. Above all, we want to ensure that our children are able to feel successful and confident about their learning, maintaining the momentum of returning to school in September. Having a routine throughout their time learning remotely will also help to ease the transition back to in-class learning following their isolation period and ensure that they have not missed any key learning.


How do I access the Oak Academy Lessons?

You can access Oak at www.thenational.academy. It’s easy to get on through a phone, tablet or laptop. You can use Oak on more than one device at the same time, which is great if you have children of different ages learning together.


Do I need a login and password?

You don’t need a login or password for Oak. You can simply go to the website and, depending on what your teacher has recommended for your child, start the lessons straight away. The website doesn’t collect your personal information, so you and your children’s data is safe.


Do I need to do the lessons with my child?

Each Oak Academy lesson is a pre-recorded video with a teacher who takes your child through each section step-by-step. The level of your supervision has been designed to be minimal, although that will depend on the age of your child. Each lesson can be paused and rewound to help pupils learn at their own pace. Some lessons, such as Art and Design, may require more supervision. We recommend using the timetable provided to schedule these lessons in for a time when you are available to support your child.


What resources will I need for Remote Learning?


Each of the Oak lessons, which make up the bulk of the learning, will let you know at the beginning of a session what you need. Usually this is just a pen and paper. Other lessons, such as Art and Design, may need a few other materials. We have tried to make these as simple as possible and will always provide two or more options for Art and Design lessons so that you can adapt them to the materials you have at home.


How are the lessons taught?

Each of Oak’s lessons is an hour-long and is delivered over by a video on the website. The lessons include quizzes, worksheets and creative activities  to engage your child. The videos are pre-recorded so there’s no other children in your child’s session. Brain Breaks are delivered by video and White Rose Maths lessons are a combination of videos and Powerpoints.


Can we access lessons at any time?

All lessons are available any time, so you can choose when your children go online to help you balance your daily routine. Each lesson follows a sequence which builds on previous lessons, but they are also stand alone so you don’t need to start from the beginning. Some Oak lessons may suggest completion of an earlier lesson but if this has not been suggested by teachers, it is because that content has already been covered in school.


How do I access the lessons?

Follow the links on your Remote Learning Grid. These will take you directly to the lesson you have been allocated. If a Powerpoint needs to be opened for a lesson, for example with White Rose Maths, this will be emailed to you as a clearly-labelled attachment alongside all the other resources.


Do I have to share my child’s work with their teacher?

We would love to see what you have been up to while working remotely, but do not want this to be a source of undue pressure for families. Please do consider emailing us examples of your work throughout your time learning at home. Teachers can provide personalised feedback on work received, which helps motivate your child and help them to maintain focus and a connection with school during their isolation. Please send your photos to info@lipaprimary.org, including ‘Remote Learning’ and your child’s name and class in the subject bar. We ask that all work that is completed be kept safe and brought into school on your child’s return so that your child’s teacher can assess and have evidence of their learning.


Who do I go to for support with Remote Learning?


If you are encountering problems with accessing the Remote Learning, please get in touch via info@lipaprimary.org and your child’s teacher or a member of the Remote Learning team will get back to you.